The White Rose Foundation, Incorporated
Engaging in activities that enrich the lives of the citizens of Colorado

There are many disadvantaged persons in the community who live in adversity and struggle each day to maintain hope for a bright future. We have created programs to confront this struggle and to recognize and encourage people in an effort to provide educational, cultural and civic opportunities. Through our philanthropic grants we strive to enhance the well being of our community by giving generously.  
President - Jennifer Collins
Immediate Past President - MaryAnn Franklin

The primary purpose of The White Rose Foundation, Incorporated is to support the five program facets of The Denver Chapter, The Links, Incorporated:


  • Services to Youth 
  • National Trends & Services
  • The Arts
  • Health & Human Services
  • International Trends & Services

The White Rose Foundation, Inc. P.O.Box 7034, Denver, CO 80207

email: info@whiterose-foundation.org

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