Tribute to Youth
A Denver Tradition for Almost 3 Decades
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Letitia Williams

Tribute to Youth

Program Founders


        Letitia Williams
Kathryn Bates Gavin     
Applauding the Significant Accomplishments of Link Tisch and Link Kathryn from 1982 to 2009!

For almost 30 years, the Denver Chapter, The Links, Incorporated honored African American students who overcame adversity and or made significant contributions to their family, school and community.  The Tribute to Youth Program was one of the most impactful community programs for youth during this period graduating an impressive alumni of young, ambitious adults that includes the current Mayor of Denver, Mayor Hancock.

Link Tish Willams believed that students’ achievements were worthy of community recognition thereby created and led the Tribute to Youth Program for almost 3 decades.  The program structure was developed and implemented by Link Kathryn Bates Gavin.  The implementation of Link Gavin’s vision exposed and inspired scores of young people to cultural, civic, and educational experiences.  The Tribute to Youth Program established the following goals for students in the greater Denver Metro Area:

  • Increase exposure to career opportunities and professional preparation.
  • Facilitate increased awareness of educational possibilities
  • Expand participation in cultural activities
  • Promote civic responsibility and community service

The Tribute to Youth Program was retited in 2009.  The Denver Chapter, The Links, Incorporated with the support of The White Rose Foundation, Incorporated has intiated and supports the "Stepping Into The Future" program with Hallett Fundamental Academy.


Faces of the Future

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