"Engaging in activities that enrich the lives of the citizens of Colorado“

Guidelines for Giving

Our priorities are education, health and wellness and cultural arts.

Health and Wellness - activities that promote a healthy heart, wellness, donor awareness and mental health

Education Initiatives - activities that strengthen education at the secondary school levels

Cultural Arts - activities that promote equal opportunity, advancement, and recognition for the minority community

Grant Application Procedures

  1.  A brief written description on the organization and the program on official letterhead and proof of tax status
  2.  History of previous support from the Links, Incorporated, Denver Chapter
  3.  The amount you are requesting
  4.  The deadline of when the donation is needed

Please Note: We accept grant applications during these months: March-September-December                                                    

                    We award grants on the last day of these months:  April-October-January 


We will not make contributions to individual research projects, political activities, team sponsorships, travel and trips, capital campaigns, testimonial dinners, religious organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age sexual orientation and religion.

Additional Requirements

If the amount of your grant request is $5,000 or greater, please submit the following documents:

  1. Certificate of Good Standing with the State of Colorado
  2. A copy of your recently filed 990 Report
  3. A list of the current Directors and Officers of  your Board of Directors
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